Here are some of the pets that we’ve been able to save through your generous donations and their stories.

WileyWood was a 6 week old kitten that was brought to us by a Good Samaritan, aka Jessie, our now vet assistant, that had witnessed him being thrown out of a car window. Luckily, he didn’t have any major issues from his experience other than an injury to the upper portion of his tail. Unfortunately, his tail never healed properly and he needed to have it amputated. Thanks to the Two Angles Fund, we were able to provide the surgery necessary to repair the damage and allow him to be a happy, playful kitten. Wylie found his forever home with one of our externs!

Kim and Katti were abandoned on our front door step. Kim was a young mother and Katti was barely a day old. We kept mom and kitten here at hospital until Katti was big and healthy enough to be adopted out. Kim and Katti were adopted together and have a wonderful forever family to love them!

Zoey, a 2 year old calico kitty, was brought into BelaCoop for frequent vomiting. She was diagnosed with a foreign body obstruction in her stomach. Rather than the horrible option of euthanasia, we were able to save her life and remove the piece of rubber that was stuck in her stomach. Thanks to the Two Angles Fund, she was able to have surgery and go home to her mom who loves her very much! She is now a happy and healthy kitty, enjoying life and staying out of trouble!

Rin is a 3 year old cat who came to us as an emergency for having blood in her urine, a painful abdomen and straining to urinate. X-rays revealed that she had several bladder stones, one of which was stuck in her urethra and was preventing her from being able to pass any urine. This was a life threatening situation and needed immediate surgery. Thanks to the Two Angles Fund, we were able to remove bladder stones and send her home with family as a happy and healthy cat.

Nora was found outside as a stray cat and presumed to be relatively young. Upon examination, Dr. Stoller discovered that Nora was much further along in her years than previously thought. Additionally, Nora was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and severe arthritis. Being unable to care for an elderly cat, the Good Samaritan that found her surrendered her to BelaCoop where she has remained as our cranky little hospital cat! Nora is able to get medication for her hyperthyroidism and arthritic pain, as well as laser treatments, thanks to the Two Angels Fund!
Kittniss was brought to us as a stray when we first opened. She was about 4-6 months old and we adopted her as our hospital cat with the intention of adopting her out once it was determined that she was healthy and free from parasites. She was tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS, dewormed, vaccinated and spayed. Kittniss was an absolute sweetheart and we all thought about taking her home. Eventually, one of us finally did break down and adopted her. Kittniss is now a very lucky, and spoiled, member of the Stoller family!
Molly was found wandering along Wildwood Road. A Good Samaritan stopped to pick her up and brought her in for us to scan her for a microchip. Unfortunately, no microchip was found and no other form of ID was present to identify her. It was obvious that Molly was an older girl as she was missing one eye and was wearing a diaper when she was brought in. We posted flyers with her picture on it and we had her on our Facebook page as well hoping that someone would recognize her. Molly ended up staying with us for a little over 2 weeks. We finally got a call asking if she was still here when her owner’s daughter happened to see her flyer in one of the stores where we had posted it. We found out that Molly was actually 20 years old!!! She was happily reunited with her family and thanks to the Two Angels Fund, we were able to care for her during her stay with us.
Cooper came to BelaCoop as a very sick 10 week old mixed breed puppy. This sweet boy was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and needed an intestinal resection surgery. Using the Two Angels Donation Fund, Cooper was able to get the hospitalization and surgery he desperately needed. Today Cooper is over 1 year old and doing fantastic at home with his loving family.
Oliver, a stray male cat, found in the Liberty Tunnel was rescued and brought to BelaCoop for help. Thanks to the Two Angels Donation Fund he was neutered, vaccinated, and adopted out to a loving home.
Tanner, a young Chow mix puppy, was surrendered to BelaCoop. He needed to have his right hind leg amputated due to complications from a slipped bandage that had been in place for his broken leg. Thanks to the Two Angels Fund, we were able to perform his surgery and place him with his loving forever home!

Striker, a stray orange cat was brought into BelaCoop after being found wondering around the neighborhood and acting sick. He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection, given antibiotics, treated for intestinal parasites and taken into a foster home who cared for him until he was better and eventually adopted.

TJ was brought to BelaCoop as a stray found in a shed. He was an older cat, under-weight and had his bottom jaw resected at some point in his life, most likely due to cancer. We adopted him as our hospital cat and hoped to one day find him a home that was able to care for him and his special needs. Along came our chiropractor, Dr. Shannon, and she fell in love with him! Ti went on to spend 6 wonderful months with his new forever family. Unfortunately, his cancer returned and he passed away peacefully at home in Dr. Shannon’s arms.

Darby was an older cat that came to BelaCoop for help because she had not been eating or drinking and had been losing weight. She was a therapy cat for the owner’s special needs daughter and she wanted to do whatever she could to try and help her. Darby needed to have an abdominal exploratory surgery as her x-rays showed a possible mass in her abdomen. We were able to use donations from the Two Angels Fund to help diagnose her and help her as much as possible.

Baby Zoey was found as an abandoned week old kitten. A Good Samaritan brought her in to us asking if we could do anything to help. We took her in and our office manager, Savannah, fostered her until she was old enough to be weaned onto kitten food. Once she was old enough, she was tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS, dewormed, and started on her vaccines. She was adopted out to her new forever family a few weeks later!