Common Diagnostic Tests

A variety of available tests can help us gain a more thorough picture of your pet’s health status. Tests we commonly perform include:

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Measuring your pet’s various blood cell levels can help us detect problems such as infection, inflammation, and anemia

Blood chemistry panel

This test measures a variety of blood chemicals that provide information about the health of your pet’s organs.


Your pet’s urine can provide important information about their urinary tract, as well as other body systems.

Preanesthetic Health Screening

Prior to surgery, dentistry, or another procedure that requires anesthesia, we will perform a CBC, blood chemistry

Thyroid Testing

Thyroid disease, which is common in dogs and older cats, can be diagnosed with a quick blood test. By measuring

Parasite Screening

Parasitic infections are common in pets, and can cause significant health problems. We perform fecal testing to detect

Digital X-ray

At the click of a button, our digital X-ray unit provides immediate images to help us quickly diagnose problems.


Our ultrasound unit provides real-time imaging of your pet’s internal soft tissue structures. Ultrasound helps us